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And as a proud member of the Galeana Automotive Group & a genuine Mopar dealer, Mopar Pro Shop hasn't forgot about the days when dedication won the car shows, raw muscle ruled the street & passion took the race track head on. In fact, that still stands true today.

No more guess work on which powerplant or drivetrain to use. No more wasting time & money on those old rusted pieces of metal that used to be a part. No more making hundreds of phone calls looking for that hard to find part that just seems to be impossible to find. Mopar Pro Shop is here to help.

Mopar Pro Shop offers the largest selection of genuine Mopar factory engines, performance engines, race engines, custom built engines, all available straight from Mopar & other reliable source. We also offer factory & restoration sheet metal, interior trim, exterior trim and a full line of genuine Mopar OEM, NOS & performance parts that are hard to find. If we don't have it, we are more than happy to search for you.




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