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Whether you have a classic or modern muscle Mopar, and Mopar Pro Shop is here to help you convert your machine
into something you have always wanted.

There are a lot of factors on doing a custom project to any car. How much does it cost? How long does it take? What parts do I need? Who can do the install? What problems may I have along the way? This is just a few questions that you will have doing a custom build to your classic or modern muscle Mopar.

The key things we can tell you is this. Ask as many qustions as you can before doing a custom build? Be patient & allow time for parts to arrive, time for labor, unforseeable errors, delays or problems to be corrected. Always shop around & compare prices. But keep in mind, cheaper parts & labor are not always the best deal. And finally, make sure there is support after the sale. Product support & warranties are a valuable asset to have in hand.

Below is a list of some, not all, of what you may need to think about when you trying to decide on how to do your custom build. Kind of like a short handed shopping list to consider:


*What power plant should I use? Big block or small block? Most of the time a crate engine fully assembled is the easiest way to go & most of the time best priced overall. Building from a bare or short block can be an option, but may cost more to build complete. Check out our current listing of Performance Engines for what we offer. Custom builds are also available.

*Engine management. Most big block Gen 2 Hemi, Jeep stroker & Magnum builds, a distributor & ignition box are required, but basic to hook up. Most Gen 3 Hemi builds are controlled by pcm & wiring. Many variations of these exist for our builds. Check out our current listing of Engine Controller Kits for what we offer.

*What FEAD (Front End Accessory Drive) equipment is needed? Power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor, pulleys, drive delete pulleys, tensioners, drive belts, sc drive belts, brackets, sprokets, cam phasers, nuts & bolts. Also a special starter such as a mini torque or clockable head unit may be needed. Check out our current listing of FEAD Equipment for what we offer.

*What type of cooling does your vehicle require? Radiator, cooling fan, fan blades, radiator hoses, oil cooler, trans coller & other possible items. And for you forced induction fans, intercooler kits with proper plumbing & tanks to handle the volume.

*Transmissions. Manual or automatic is of course the first thing you need to decide. Then it's off to see how many gears & if the unit is compatible with the powerplant you are choosing. Some transmission units require control systems as well. Check out our current listing of Transmission Units for what we offer.

*Suspension kits for mainly A, B & E Body Mopars are needed to make an older vehicle operate correctly & safe with the all the power it's fixing to receive. Mopar offers fron & rear kits for the late 60s & early 70s classic muscle cars to mke them handle they way you want them to. Shock & spring kits are available for newer Mopar vehicles as well. You also may want to consider upgrading the brakes during this time as well. Check out our current listing of Suspension Kits for what we offer.

*Next up are oil pans, dipsticks, tubes, pickups & adapters. Front sump, mid sump & rear sump is the first thing to figure out. All depends on the powerplant you choose & the vehicle that it's going in. Factory & aftermarket Suspension setup will play a factor into this as well. And sometimes a 45 or 90 degree adapter may be needed for clearance for the oil filter. Check out our current listing of Engine Oil Comps for what we offer.

*Fuel delivery. With most old school big block engines, it's as easy as what CFM is required. 600-950 cfm is the range on most of our engines buils. When it comes to the newer Gen 3 Hemi buils, now we are addressing EFI. Fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines & fitings. In both cases, a newer or custom fuel tank may be needed. Check out our current listing of Fuel Delivery Comps for what we offer.

*Got to move those gases out & quick. A good exhasut system is key for optimal operation. Headers, manifolds, mid pipes, muffler & tips may be requires. Check out our current listing of Exhaust Systems for what we offer.

*The final drive to the wheels & tires. Rear end & gear selection is important. In newer Mopars, the oem setup is suffeciant. In older Mopars, or other custom buils, a new axle setup may be needed. We offer the Dana 60 rear axle setup for most applications. Custom gear ratios, differential units & axle shaft types are available. Check out our current listing of Rear Axle Comps for what we offer.

These are just some of the key things to think about while considering your custom build project. Many other parts may be needed & we more inlikely offer those as well. If you need some help or have questions with your custom build, please don't hesitate to send an email to or call us at 803-461-7700 for all your custom build options.


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